Rachael Travers

Rachael Travers’ new single, “Whiskey Drinking”, is great for driving fast to – windows down, volume up, regrets in the rearview. This is compelling British Americana, Travers’ voice imbued with the warmth of Allison Krauss, the plaintiveness of Emmylou Harris and capable of Maddy Prior’s directness. Travers sings here with sensitivity and allure, confidence with a hint of coyness – her strong, fragile delivery drawing the listener irresistibly closer. This song’s protagonist is torn between empathy and exasperation for a lover she urges repeatedly to “drink no more tonight”. She’s had enough – she cares, but she’s frustrated and tired. Travers’ vocals are rich and sweet, their beguiling expressivity akin to that of stalwart alt-country contemporary Sturgill Simpson; although Russell Smith, Travers’ producer, is less melodramatic, opting for that’s Staves-meets-Fleet Foxes sound-world. Rachael Travers’ voice has tugged hard at this reviewer’s heartstrings since I was first seduced by a clutch of demos titled Ivy Road, released back in 2012. “Whiskey Drinking” marks a leap forward in confidence and content. This time she deserves to be heard.

“Whiskey Drinking” is available to stream and download on all major platforms.

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