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I moved to the US in September 2017 and, thanks to Rupal Aristimuno, I am now settled here with my family (US citizens) and a green card. I first applied for my residency visa on my own, but the application was roundly rejected so I looked for a local attorney. I turned to Rupal, who was simply wonderful throughout. I had never paid for attorney for anything before and was deeply suspicious of the whole process and of anyone who commanded the hourly rate of a lawyer. However, Rupal was disarmingly calm, friendly, and put me instantly and repeatedly at my ease, maintaining at all times a cool, competent, comprehensive professionalism that gave me utter confidence in her work. The trust she elicited from me was never once misplaced.

Rupal guided me ably through the opaque language and partial explanations of the Department of Homeland Security website, and steered me and my family through the different-colored notification letters of a high-stakes and otherwise-stressful process. Rupal managed my expectations regarding timelines and outcomes from DHS with aplomb. I am glad I paid Rupal for her services and could not recommend her more highly. Her receptionist even has an English accent (which, as a Brit, made me feel all the more at home). My feelings about the service provided by Rupal Aristimuno are perhaps best summarized in this haiku:

You need a visa?
Rupal Aristimuno
Is the best around

Dr. Gareth Dylan Smith, 4.5.19


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