Out of the blocks and all the way to the finish line, this is a hard-hitting, athletic and witty alt rock record with its hair on fire.

Bodega Bay EP is what might happen if you shook up The Hives and Bends-era Radiohead in a cocktail mixer, played them QOTSA’s Music On Deaf Ears all afternoon then put them in a studio for a weekend to record. The tracks all fly along with bravado, consuming in their wake several tasty guitar solos from Steve and plenty of phat, melodic bass work from Hannah. Drummer Gareth pile-drives every song, riding crashes and open hats. The performances on here are all delivered with precision, passion and panache – at ramming speed. There’s a two-minute postlude-sorbet closing out final track Superpass, as the band goes all half-time-psychedelic. This is no grand opus, but it is great fun, and it’s cool to play loud and drive to. The music is intoxicating, intense, refreshing, and uplifting. Buy this to be enveloped in kick-ass, committed alt rock that waits for no one.






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