The lullaby begins with a solo piano, stark naked in a room. Alseyda – angelic, breathy – drifts in as if a cloud, adorning the instrument in a whisp of haunting melody. A doyra drum joins, beating a steady three, invoking the dizzying sea. Accompanied by dutor and tanbur, the music throbs, Alseyda’s alluring melismatic soprano irresistible in its delicious, sensuous guile, pulsating over the fevered waltz. Alseyda is a Siren, luring listeners to join her on a magical ride to nirvana – seductive, yet coy, now in control. She ebbs and she flows, she comes, she goes and returns; compressed drum kit drives this lullaby home as She demands impossible sleep. After enveloping you in the final chorus, singing strong, somnambulant submission, Alseyda floats away as she came, on a cirrus, high in the sky.

Listen here:

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