(The Unspectacular Life of a Career Drummer)

Rich and famous cover art

On this page I post links to narrative blog entries about a drummer who moved to London around the turn of the millennium to become rich and famous, and who now writes blog entries in a style that Hollywood might for legal reasons describe as ‘inspired by real-life events’. The blog entries are probably intended to be amusing, although not necessarily to you. They are not ordered chronologically.

Dr Drums Rich and Famous podcast


Visiting Ireland with Neck

43 Walnut Walk

Gigging in Whitechapel

Choking on Fruit

134 to Tottenham Court Road

Needing a Shower

Diesel Powered Nuns

StrummerCamp Gig


Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs

The London Olympics

Southgate Café

Losing It

Visiting Porto Alegre 

Buying Custom Drums

 A Night in Miami

Welcoming Back the Ladies  

 Of Lapsang Souchong

Congestion Charging London

The Guy Next Door  

Repairing my Glasses

A good week so far

Staying With Jen

Rehearsal Space

Day Trip to Malaysia

Cart and Horses, Stratford

Newton Abbot 


Out To Get Me

The Coat 

An Exciting Opportunity

A Weekend with Neck

A Trip to Cleveland 

I’m Glad I was Wearing My Helmet 

 A Quiet Afternoon

 Office Space

Drums and Shouting of Words 

Purpose and Predicament in Popular Music Education

 Auditioning for V1

Edinburgh Napier University

The Privilege of Working with Paul Scott

Night in a Napcab 

Trouble with Cheese

Visiting the New York DMV

The Fine Art of Losing My Shit

A Drummer in All that I Do

Back in the Saddle

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