Wisaal – Arabic fusion at Michigan State University, 20th June 2011

Cajon, hand drums and percussion; double bass; oud; clarinet; acoustic guitar. Only the subtle oud is amplified. Five young men – mostly undergraduate students at MSU – nimbly deliver an engaging fifty-minute set of tunes drawn from and deftly fusing an eclectic mix of styles. These sounds born of deeply shared musical values caress the listener’s ear with an ethereal blend of beautifully arranged traditional pieces and hand-crafted originals. The clarinettist nimbly displays his dexterity and his klezmer heritage, while the oudist touches the soul with exotic, mellifluous and throaty strains, complemented by the feather-lightness of the tiny folk guitar. The bass and percussion provide the rock, the gently undulating foundation. Wisaal cunningly and passionately combine Lebanese, American folk, Jewish and jazz musics with alacrity. Their brand of fusion is not contrived, but convivial and contagious. The setting of the wooden-walled Auditorium in the Kellogg Convention Center suits them, for theirs is a natural, earthy and human music. Gladly, tonight’s audience is receptive, and open to the magic.

Visit http://www.wisaalmusic.com/ 

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